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BonnyBrooke has been awarded the circle of excellence by Tripadvisor for 2013-2018


Bonnybrooke has donated a portion of every reservation for decades..!!


The Lord has Blessed us to be a blessing...and you've been a part:

In 3rd World Countries:

  • Hundreds of pairs of shoes for little feet
  • Digging water wells
  • Helping in various ways in orphanages
  • Operations for little children with disfigurations
  • Rebuilding and helping families effected by weather disasters of all sorts
  • Transportation to places not easily reached to help people (spiritually/medically/personal physical needs)
  • CHRISTmas gifts to children (necessities and toys)

In our Country:

  • Weather disasters (storms/floods) causing devastating damage to homes, property and lives
  • Adults needing a second chance in life (from drugs, prison, wrong choices)
  • Needs arising from time to time of lives across our nation (reported often through the news)


....... thought you'd like to know..!!!